It’s about that time! Happy Anniversary!

It’s about that time one year since I started my blog. Even though I had different intentions as to how my blog would work and my expectations to monetize my blog, didn’t quiet go as planned for a number of reasons. That aren’t really important, well maybe they are important. For one I didn’t know why I was starting a blog. A year ago I really wanted to leave my 9-5 and venture on something far more exciting and things that would help me get on with my life, which I still want to happen. But I didn’t have an plan of action in place. Hence you see why things didn’t quiet go the way I planned.  I still want to make money online, but I have taken a step back and have really tapped into resources that are guiding me down the right path. Thankfully. Even though I’m still at my 9-5, I have accepted that I need to be consistent with my plan in order for things to fall inline the way  I would like them to, but more importantly I should but these desires in the hands of God and trust that He will direct me down the right path.

I have definitely learned more about myself. Because when I started this blog, I wasn’t necessarily in the best of places emotionally. There were a few changes going on in my life that affected me and thankfully, this blog was my new hobby. It helped redirect some of my energy from all the other things that were going on in my life. Thank you to the Universe of blogs.  I feel like there is so much to say about what I have learnt from having this blog and I plan to share more of what I learned.

I think I’ll make more of these reflective blogs a little series!

Stay tuned to find out more.

Cheers and Love,


Prayers and Reflection

Sometimes you pray and ask God for something and everyday you ask God to answer the questions in your heart and to direct you to the places you really want to explore. Well exactly, just that happened for me this past week. I will not disclose exactly, what this particular thing is just yet. I probably will get into  that a later post, when I have fully wrapped my head around the actions I need to take going forward. As I said all of this happened this past week, when I was informed about something that would change everything. I knew God was listening to my prayers. He was simply saying, I have greater in store for you and I know that you are willing and equipped to take on the challenges that lay ahead. 

So the point simply is that, God sees and answers our prayers. Not necessarily in the way that we want and sometimes sooner than we think. But there is always something greater in store and for that I am grateful to embark on the new challenges set ahead. 

Till next time, take care…


Quick Update: Life, Prayers & Happiness

Just  checking in and getting it together. 2014 has been good to me so far, I’m really looking forward to all the amazing things God has in stored for my life. On my list is to blog more which equates to putting myself out there more in order for me to get to where I need to be and as a result for my life to take the direction that I know is meaningful. Blogging also helps with improving my writing skills. I actually enjoying writing. Sometimes when I’m upset and feeling overwhelmed, I just find  quiet space and start to write.  Therapy is good for the soul. 

In other news, there hasn’t been anything new in my life worth sharing. But I pledged that I would spend more time with the people that  genuinely care and support me. Over the holidays, something really horrible happened to someone really dear to me. Thankfully, things are turning around for the best, because it’s God’s will. He sees and knows. It didn’t really feel like Christmas, but I was happy to see my family and reconnect. I think thats really important, as it reminds us that we need to be grounded and that we shouldn’t wait until something horrendous happens before we reach out. 

But I think I have rambled a bit more than necessary. LOL.

Have a pleasant Sunday and a productive week.

Madly In love…..

With me. 

I’m definitely having a pleasant evening with a glass of red! I once red that there is truth in wine. There sure is. I have had one of the roughest weeks ever. But no need to dwell on that because today is a new day, an opportunity to be absolutely fabulous (Sometimes I look in the mirror and tell myself so).  But I hope you all have a pleasant weekend!

Be awesome!