Update and all

I know. I haven’t blogged in a quiet some time. But I have been working on something- that I mentioned some weeks ago. I am pleased to share http://www.freefromperfect.com — It’s still under construction. But feel free to follow me over at @freefromperfect on Twitter. I’m there a few times a day. I’m finally feeling fulfilled, working on building on my own brand. It’s an awesome feeling. I recommend you do the same. If you have any questions, please feel free to send me an email at krista@freefromperfect.com. I will definitely update this blog with all the new things coming down the pipeline. Thank you all for being apart of my journey of finding myself and rejecting the ‘perfection’ curse. Remember progress not perfection. 

Until next time,



A place in my heart… That’s where it starts!

Hope all is well. Over the weekend I had sometime to evaluate and reflect on who I am as a valuable person but more importantly as a valuable woman.  Being a valuable woman is the key to freedom and happiness. The happiness that I deserve is completely and entirely an intentional act. I get in my own way, far too often. But knowing that, why is it a recurring act? I’m working on that.  

I have accepted that in order for me to lead I need to step out of the crowd and just LEAD. I think of myself as a natural leader, despite my shortcomings. But I have this desire to change that.  The change begins NOW. 

On another note, but related. I came across this video and thought I would share it. It is a summary video, for the coaching services by Shanel Cooper-Sykes but I do think there is value in sitting and watching the entire video, click here. Enjoy and have a great week!

P.S. If you haven’t checked out my e-book. Please do I would love some feedback. I’d like to work on another one in the new year. To check out my e-book, click here

The $100 Startup

Hey, I know I said I would have this book review up sooner than now. But that throat infection had me some sort of way. Anyways.  

$100 Start Up  By Chris Guillebeau 

1. This book is remarkable as it highlights how easy it is to take advantage of your life and to be free. 

2. It highlighted this idea of Impact, Effort, Profitability and Fitting with your Vision. 

3. This book contained numerous interviews of ‘real life’ experiences of entrepreneurs and their challenges and also their victories. 

4. What is  your role in highlighting value? Value = Profit which in turn provides Success. 

5. Launching Your Product, 1-Page Business Plan and Product Launch Check List 


Overall it was an excellent read, above I quickly highlighted points that I found most valuable to me when reading this book. 

Have an excellent week! I’m still on the hunt for another really good book to read. Reading keeps me engaged and shifts my frustration from the mundane activities that my 9-5 consumes of me. 

8 Ways to Win Krista Over!

 Oh Hey, Happy Friday,

Here are 8 ways to win me over, not in any particular order. Anyone that really knows me, knows very well I can be the nicest mean person you will ever meet. But oh well. I thought it would be funny to be a little outrageous. So here is this glorious list.

  1.  Have dimples, I’ll gush over you for all of 5 minutes and then pretend you don’t exist.
  2. Get on my nerves only once a month.
  3. Ask me ridiculous questions every day.
  4. Be spontaneous every day that doesn’t end with day.
  5. Laugh at my jokes, even if you don’t find them funny.
  6. Tell me all your secrets.
  7. Be a gentleman.
  8. Don’t ask a million questions, I’ll tell you to shut up and I’ll lock myself in a room with a glass of wine and think of ways to take over the world.

I know no one will probably ever read this. But that’s not the point. There isn’t any point to this. Just me being totally random.

The End!

The Tales of a Side Walker…..Cheers to the weekend

I know it’s barely Friday, I’m so excited about the long weekend as if I have a ton of fun things planned. Not quiet so at all. The weather is finally deciding to be consistent ( or I pray it does).  What I do know is that I’ll catch up on some sleep, do some shopping and read. 

Cheers to the long weekend! 

Affectionately being called “Kris”

On a recent get away home to Jamaica. I visited a house that I frequently visited as a little girl. It was nice to go back and see that not much has changed and received the same hospitality that I received as a little girl that really made me feel special. As I sat in the kitchen that Saturday evening, awaiting on the good food I was about to enjoy, it dawned on me how much memories I had in this tiny kitchen that seemed really big when I was a little girl. The point I’m trying to make here is that, home can be anywhere on this planet. An important part of calling a place home, is to be happy when there.

Until next time,
Walking on that journey to happiness

On My Journey To Happiness!

Welcome to my blog IAMKRISTA876!!!!!!!

The name alone from this blog will illustrate who I am and where I am from and hopefully all the adventures I’d like to embark on in my life. Trust me there is a long list! This being my first blog post, this will be concise. With that being said, I hope you enjoy my blog and all the things I will share.