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I know. I haven’t blogged in a quiet some time. But I have been working on something- that I mentioned some weeks ago. I am pleased to share http://www.freefromperfect.com — It’s still under construction. But feel free to follow me over at @freefromperfect on Twitter. I’m there a few times a day. I’m finally feeling fulfilled, working on building on my own brand. It’s an awesome feeling. I recommend you do the same. If you have any questions, please feel free to send me an email at krista@freefromperfect.com. I will definitely update this blog with all the new things coming down the pipeline. Thank you all for being apart of my journey of finding myself and rejecting the ‘perfection’ curse. Remember progress not perfection. 

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You might just be an idiot!

Hey Friends,
(you guys are my friends, right?)


I hope so, but anyways I came across this video and instead of writing some long post and telling you that you need to do this or that. How about you just watch this video. This has become one of my favourite videos for inspiration and that little push.

So for that, just do it!


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Book Review: The Slight Edge

It feels like forever since I did a book review. The book review on the Slight Edge has been long overdue. So,let me just get to it. This book review will be quiet precise as I plan to later delve into the discussion of this book further. I want to start a dialogue and I want you to be apart of it, by commenting with your personal takes on this book.


The Slight Edge written by Jeff Olsen is an incredible book. Really and truly, its to the point and it highlights the desires  and dreams that we all want. The book is divided into two parts, how the slight edge works and living the slight edge. How the slight edge works, is that it you first need to find the first ingredient.  The first ingredient is that missing piece of the puzzle in order to get started and figuring out what that ingredient is gives you the power to take action. Well, in actually you need to know what to do with this missing piece of the puzzle in order to take action. So do the thing and then you will have the power, also highlighted by Ralph Waldo Emerson Essay on Compensation. Then you need to be a master. Mastery is key to adapting it all in your life. Mastery small steps and being consistent over periods of time will provide you the results that you need. Why is it so hard? Well, Olson eloquently points out that it’s not that these task are hard, they are easy to do and they are easy not to do. 95% of people give up far to soon because instant gratification, laziness and being discouraged. While 5% excel and that’s why they are the slight edge.

Living the Slight Edge exemplifies mastery and to do so, you need to invest in yourself. Investing in yourself is critical to your personal development. Investing in your own personal improvement gives life and light to your happiness, your accomplishments and your continuous learning. Your happiness is key and central to everything around you. Without having your happiness in check, success and accomplishments will come your way and you’ll be left empty.

Now, think about how you would like for the slight edge to work and how you plan on living the slight edge.

The right path to your happiness

We all want happiness. I don’t know anyone on the face of this Earth that doesn’t want to be happy with themselves. Right now in my life I’m trying to figure out what my path to happiness is- I do think this a constant state, but I’m sure at some point we get the grasp of it all. I’m taking the baby steps, because I’m praying and doing my part as I know that God’s plan for my happiness is far greater than any career or relationship(s). Don’t get me wrong relationships are important and so are careers. But what’s the point of having these things if we simply cannot work on our own happiness.  I’m not entirely sure the point I’m making here, but I’m sure there is a point in the mix of all of this.

So what’s your right path? Have you figured it out? Do you like where it’s taking you? I’d love to know what you think!

Keep pushing towards the path that you are in control of and not the one tarnished by others.
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“The right path is the one you make yourself that leads to your version of happiness” – Pat Flyn

I got this quote from Pat Flyn, I have been following his blog for some time now, but mostly listening to his podcast on iTunes.


The $100 Startup

Hey, I know I said I would have this book review up sooner than now. But that throat infection had me some sort of way. Anyways.  

$100 Start Up  By Chris Guillebeau 

1. This book is remarkable as it highlights how easy it is to take advantage of your life and to be free. 

2. It highlighted this idea of Impact, Effort, Profitability and Fitting with your Vision. 

3. This book contained numerous interviews of ‘real life’ experiences of entrepreneurs and their challenges and also their victories. 

4. What is  your role in highlighting value? Value = Profit which in turn provides Success. 

5. Launching Your Product, 1-Page Business Plan and Product Launch Check List 


Overall it was an excellent read, above I quickly highlighted points that I found most valuable to me when reading this book. 

Have an excellent week! I’m still on the hunt for another really good book to read. Reading keeps me engaged and shifts my frustration from the mundane activities that my 9-5 consumes of me.