Birthday..Reflections..New Endeavours


I recently celebrated my birthday. T’was nice to be around close good friends, eating, chatting and drinking. It was definitely the affair, Champagne and yummy cake and good conversations. I wasn’t picture obsessive, like I usually am. I just enjoyed the good company.

Let’s see what this new year and chapter in my life will unfold. Two years ago I was in a similar position I am right now.Life at some what of a stand still and not sure what direction I wanted to take. Then I went on a path that put me back at square one. You’re probably wondering what on earth am I referring to- Or not! I’ll assume you don’t care to know. But this time around it’s different. I’m emotionally more mature and I can clearly see what is what and not worse than it is. And as such, I have come to see the good that is and the direction that my life is taking. Right now, I’m laying down the bricks to make my life the way I WANT IT TO BE.

Till next time,


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