7 things you should consider to have an AMAZING life..

Recently I came across this post, I think it caught my attention on Facebook. Anyhow, I thought it was thought provoking and made me reflect into my own life.  Right now I am in a place of transition and I’m ok with that. Surprisingly, I’m happy to be in this space currently- why? Because I know that I won’t occupy this space forever. I know that this space will prepare me for the greatness, the challenges that are set ahead. Because through it all, we always come out of all our struggles- stronger and more determined to reach the next level of achievement.

So here’s to doing amazing things with your life.

  1. We shouldn’t be afraid to fail and fail and fail. I don’t think anyone can ever fail enough. When I reflect on my own life, I think that I’ve been through my shares of failure. WRONG. I haven’t even surfaced the level of failure that will get me to the places I’d like to go in life. Don’t get me wrong, failing is horrible. But if we must fail to surpass the level of comfort, then bring on the failure.
  2. You care what others think of you. Well you shouldn’t care unless their criticism, their suggestions, their guidance is coming from a sincere place. We all aim to stand out, but why stand out with people who are all different in the same way. Contradiction? No, think about it.
  3. Many of us, think we know our strengths and our weaknesses. But sometimes we take a little too much credit for how smart we are because, we attended universities and colleges and we excelled. But those things don’t prepare us for the real challenges. Well at least it didn’t prepare me. It’s been a BIG learning process that I’m highly grateful for.
  4. We need to read. As a child, I enjoyed reading. I had the kind of parents that would buy me books for Birthdays and for Christmas, while everyone else had barbie dolls and all those cool toys. The only cool toys I knew of was reading a book. I don’t think I fully  understand why my parents, specifically my father always encouraged me to read a book. If I ever said I was bored- He would tell me to go read a book and go as far as picking one out for me.  I have developed my habit for reading more after graduating university. I didn’t make time to read other books while in school- there was always a million other things to do. Not actually true. BUT READING IS GOOD! Embrace it….
  5. Be curious, it’s good for you. Don’t always accept what is dictated or expected of you. Ask questions, I don’t think I ask enough questions. Not because I know it all. But because that isn’t a skill I have quiet developed yet and I look forward to doing so. Starting now!
  6. Ask questions, push the envelope a little. Knowledge is powerful.
  7. Accepting the truth, is important. Unless you want to live a life of lies and be unhealthy. Then come to terms with the truth. The truth is key to knowing who we are. The truth is that I stand in my own way of doing amazing things.

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