Prayers and Reflection

Sometimes you pray and ask God for something and everyday you ask God to answer the questions in your heart and to direct you to the places you really want to explore. Well exactly, just that happened for me this past week. I will not disclose exactly, what this particular thing is just yet. I probably will get into  that a later post, when I have fully wrapped my head around the actions I need to take going forward. As I said all of this happened this past week, when I was informed about something that would change everything. I knew God was listening to my prayers. He was simply saying, I have greater in store for you and I know that you are willing and equipped to take on the challenges that lay ahead. 

So the point simply is that, God sees and answers our prayers. Not necessarily in the way that we want and sometimes sooner than we think. But there is always something greater in store and for that I am grateful to embark on the new challenges set ahead. 

Till next time, take care…



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