Quick Update: Life, Prayers & Happiness

Just  checking in and getting it together. 2014 has been good to me so far, I’m really looking forward to all the amazing things God has in stored for my life. On my list is to blog more which equates to putting myself out there more in order for me to get to where I need to be and as a result for my life to take the direction that I know is meaningful. Blogging also helps with improving my writing skills. I actually enjoying writing. Sometimes when I’m upset and feeling overwhelmed, I just find  quiet space and start to write.  Therapy is good for the soul. 

In other news, there hasn’t been anything new in my life worth sharing. But I pledged that I would spend more time with the people that  genuinely care and support me. Over the holidays, something really horrible happened to someone really dear to me. Thankfully, things are turning around for the best, because it’s God’s will. He sees and knows. It didn’t really feel like Christmas, but I was happy to see my family and reconnect. I think thats really important, as it reminds us that we need to be grounded and that we shouldn’t wait until something horrendous happens before we reach out. 

But I think I have rambled a bit more than necessary. LOL.

Have a pleasant Sunday and a productive week.


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