The $100 Startup

Hey, I know I said I would have this book review up sooner than now. But that throat infection had me some sort of way. Anyways.  

$100 Start Up  By Chris Guillebeau 

1. This book is remarkable as it highlights how easy it is to take advantage of your life and to be free. 

2. It highlighted this idea of Impact, Effort, Profitability and Fitting with your Vision. 

3. This book contained numerous interviews of ‘real life’ experiences of entrepreneurs and their challenges and also their victories. 

4. What is  your role in highlighting value? Value = Profit which in turn provides Success. 

5. Launching Your Product, 1-Page Business Plan and Product Launch Check List 


Overall it was an excellent read, above I quickly highlighted points that I found most valuable to me when reading this book. 

Have an excellent week! I’m still on the hunt for another really good book to read. Reading keeps me engaged and shifts my frustration from the mundane activities that my 9-5 consumes of me. 


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