In the name of being stubborn… I can’t help it.

Sometimes, all we need to do is come to grips with how things are. If we can change these things. Then just get up and change it. Yesterday I was having a conversation with a friend and I earlier on in the day, that friend had irritated me. I had to keep telling myself that I won’t be the first person to call and make things right. Why? Because I’m really stubborn and I sometimes think that I’m making my point clear by doing so. Logical? Highly unlikely. But that’s just how we are. So long story short, I eventually called back my friend and chatted. At the end of the conversation, I admitted that I was trying to convince myself that I wouldn’t be the first to call and my friend asked why.

I didn’t have an answer. In the end, we just have to come to grips with who are and how much we care about the people around us and step in and fix things right away.


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