The Sunday Evening Dread… or Happy Sunday!

The Sunday evening dread. We all face it because we are so entrapped by the rat race. We aren’t entrapped. We choose to be in the rat race, as someone of us, like myself are scared of existing the race. Not because we think we are inadequate but because we are more powerful. Yes yes yes. All that jazz.

A few weeks ago I said to my colleagues that I want to retired by the age of 40. Or have enough to leverage at the least and one of them laughed. I felt empowered deep down. For the rest of the day I smiled and realized that I really don’t belong here. I’m working slowly by slowly trying to exist this rat race. There are all sorts of possibilities and options. The book I’m currently reading, the $100 StartUp does highlight that and once I’m done reading I will share and I hope to start a discussion. 

Let’s focus on the escaping. Even if you don’t I WILL. 



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