Hey Hey Book Review Time!

Yes, It’s been a while.

Hey, Hey, Book Review Time.

I will preface by saying, this is the first book I ever read by James Altucher. I have been subscribed to his blog for the past few months.

I know I said I’d do book reviews from time to time. But hey, I got lazy. We all get lazy sometimes. I’m being honest. Honesty is good. I’d rather tell you that I was lazy than lead anyone to think that I’m super pre-occupied with life.
Anyways, so I just finished reading, Choose Yourself by James Altucher. I really enjoyed the book. It was to the point and provided concrete information on the premise that we all must choose ourselves because there aren’t any second chances. We have to push and stay focus even when the going gets rough. Sounds familiar, yes. Owning and taking control over your life is one of the most important steps in choosing yourself. And that I will do, for this point going forward. I wouldn’t  call this  book, a self- help book. Because I think that’s too cliché and I wouldn’t want to offend the efforts of Altucher. I finished the book while on the train on Sunday, heading downtown Toronto to meet up with a friend. I told her about the book and I got all teary-eyed at the end. Why? Well last week was  a really tough week for me and I really needed to re-focus on Krista and what it is that Krista needs and what Krista wants. I know, I just referred to myself in the third person. So when I told my friend that I got all teary –eyed, she thought I was weird. Well maybe she’s weird. Yes ( friend) I think you’re weird- if she ever reads this!


I hope to read some of his other books sometime. I think the blog entries will have to suffice till then.


If you don’t know who James Altucher, you can check out his blog by clicking here.

At the end of the day, know what you want. This hasn’t been the easiest thing for me, but I won’t allow that to keep me from finding my piece of happiness and freedom. We all want the same things, generally speaking that is, but we don’t all want to do what it takes to get what it is that we want.


I just purchased the $100 Start-up by Chris Guillebeau. I just found about him about a month ago and I have read a few of his blog post I’m enjoying so far, you can check out his blog by clicking here .

 I will do a review on my thoughts on this book when I finish it.  Hopefully that is soon.

Bye till next time!


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