Jamaica and Human Rights : Ifrica’s ‘anti-gay’ comments, Defining our interactions and freedom.

From reading the happenings in Jamaica’s Gleaner and the Observer of the series of events arising from human rights. It’s actually interesting that Jamaicans in Jamaica have been speaking out in an intelligible way. Now, I cannot say whether or not Queen Ifrica’s ‘anti- gay’ comments hold such value.  What I can say, being a public figure- in whatever regards she does as an entertainer. She must be conscientious of her statements. Yes, freedom of speech is relevant. However relevant where it is needed. I have never met a gay person, knowingly seeking my approval of their sexual orientation.  Where this is concerned,  I do not care or see it relevant to give my approval on such. 

One’s sexuality does define them, let’s not fool ourselves. People will always judge you based on who they think you are and as much as this may not be the way to have or create meaning interactions with people. It is what it is. On all levels, we have been socialized to do just so. What are the alternatives? I do not know. I’m willing to see what other options there are. But I will not get into that in this post.  Let’s just take some time to really evaluate how we treat people around us and how our preconceived notions how humanity should congregate.

Click here, to see a recent post on the issue.

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