Happy September!

As it’s the beginning of the month. I like to use this time to reflect and get as much things done as possible. On my to-do list for this month is. To blog more. I will make a conscious decision to do so. No excuses. 

On another note, most things are ok. It’s a long weekend here in Toronto and back to work I go tomorrow. Back to school for others. To be honest, I’m happy I don’t have to deal with the back to school blues. Not that I don’t like school, but because I think I have been schooled out. If that’s even a word.  I doubt it’s a word, but I guess I just made it up. Lucky me * pats shoulders*. Time to do some fall shopping. Oh fun! I’m actually looking forward to one last weekend of ‘summer’ fun when I get out of town for  a weekend to visit someone dear to me.  I don’t think I have anything really left to update you on. You, who is whoever reads this. Until next time… 




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