8 Ways to Win Krista Over!

 Oh Hey, Happy Friday,

Here are 8 ways to win me over, not in any particular order. Anyone that really knows me, knows very well I can be the nicest mean person you will ever meet. But oh well. I thought it would be funny to be a little outrageous. So here is this glorious list.

  1.  Have dimples, I’ll gush over you for all of 5 minutes and then pretend you don’t exist.
  2. Get on my nerves only once a month.
  3. Ask me ridiculous questions every day.
  4. Be spontaneous every day that doesn’t end with day.
  5. Laugh at my jokes, even if you don’t find them funny.
  6. Tell me all your secrets.
  7. Be a gentleman.
  8. Don’t ask a million questions, I’ll tell you to shut up and I’ll lock myself in a room with a glass of wine and think of ways to take over the world.

I know no one will probably ever read this. But that’s not the point. There isn’t any point to this. Just me being totally random.

The End!


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