My Three Babies.. Wine, Strawberries and Cheese!

So you remember I said, I would just blog from the top of my head. No filters, just spill my guts. I’m really trying at this putting yourself out there kind of thing. So here we go. Today in the midst of me catching up with what everyone is up to on Facebook, I saw pictures of people’s ultra sounds, pictures of new borns and the progress of the bundle of joy a child has brought to their lives. I thought to myself… Why do I hold no emotion to these things? Am I that heartless? I like children, well I think so. Well well-behaved children. Which is rare, right? Well probably. I can count on my one hand, how many times I have ever felt some kind of maternal instinct. Perhaps, I haven’t been around children enough. To be honest, I don’t want to be around children. I’m pretty selfish, I don’t like to be bothered. I’m pretty impatient. Perhaps that will change.

Till then, a glass of wine, strawberries and cheese will be my baby. 


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