I said ‘I do’ to my new friends.

So I’m back and slowly trying to get back into the swing of things. My recent trip to Jamaica was incredible on all levels. For one I went to Jamaica with people I have only known for about a year. I call them my ‘new friends’, we bonded, they irritated me (I’m a royal brat- I’m working on it). But I couldn’t have asked for a funny group of people to spend a week with.

The Diaspora Conference was the main reason for this trip. It was definitely an incredible experience to meet new people and see the potential that my little ol’ island has. The Future Leaders and I really enjoyed the experience and we were grateful to be actively apart of the Conference as Moderator( me) and Panelist ( my new friends).

Even though we went for a conference, we still managed to go to the beach, see our family members and close friends, bond and enjoyed all there was to do on the beautiful island of Jamaica!

This trip like all my trips to Jamaica gave me a new perspective on my life, what I’m doing and where I want to go. I learnt a few things about myself, perhaps I’ll be brave enough to share some of those things some. But for one, I must learn to accept  that all the great things in life won’t happen all at once.




I was really nervous, but grateful for the opportunity.


After the conference, I took some time to myself and went to a beach that I frequented growing up. It was pleasant to relax and take in this beautiful scenery.

View from hotel

Sunset view from my hotel room. It was absolutely beautiful! I will miss this.


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