Hello There June!

May has officially come to an end and I’m looking forward to all the craziness June has to offer. Craziness may not be the word. But Oh, well. I have accomplished most things in on my To-do list for May. My first E-book was released please check here, if you so desire. Thank you if you have. I haven’t read as much books as I had planned on but there’s nothing I can do about that now. May is over. 


Oh Jamaica I have miss thee 

Here are my essentials when in Jamaica. Shades and CranWater 🙂 Image
June will be filled with excitement and more importantly I will be heading to Jamaica for a week for a Diaspora Conference. I’m super excited about that, as it has been something I’ve been looking forward to some time now. And even more excitement, I will be spending Father’s Day with my dad. I haven’t done so, in over 13 years. I’ll write and let you know how that goes and I will definitely have pictures 🙂 

I thought I’d write something along these lines just so that you can get to know lil’ ol’ me a little more. I hope June treats you well and we shall talk soon. 



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