With all the buzz on the social media outlets, blaming and the pointing of fingers of why the Jamaican dollar has de-valued, it highlights one very significant point. On almost every account, what goes up must come down. Maybe not to the degree we may desire, but it does. I think this a critical time for the current government of Jamaica and the opposition to reflect on ways to diversify sources of income other than tourism and exportation. Jamaica has so many resources to strengthen it’s economy, why are we not exploring these avenues? Why is our little country being held with all these cards? I urge that both parties work together to fix some of our problems.

Recently on my Facebook timeline, I saw a post by an opposition supporter, saying that they hope the value of Jamaican’s dollar continues to devalue because they didn’t vote for the current administration. How selfish and such an erroneous statement on some many levels. The dollar de-evaluation isn’t as a result of any particular administration. As Jamaica has been governed by both parties, the are both equally to be blamed if it is the blaming game we are playing. It appears, that naturally for some blaming is an easier act than taking accountability. What Jamaica needs to prosper is for me to explore in another post(s). I won’t highlight that here, but what I will note is that we need to work collectively to make life a little better for each citizen.

On another account, I saw this video that the Jamaica Gleaner composed highlighting some of the views of Jamaicans in Jamaica on the dollar de-valuing.


Happy Sunday…
Walk Good


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